Toy Weapons


Toy Weapons

In our toy store you can find the best toy guns brand Gonher . Guns, pistols, shotguns, machine guns and plastic revolvers are some of the products offered by this brand of gun replicas that manufactures all its models in Spain.

From Diversal we want to offer you a wide catalog of toy weapons, most of which work with fulminants, loads with a minimum of gunpowder to mimic the effect of the shot. This ammunition is totally harmless and complies with the safety regulations of European toys.

With the new safety regulations the amount of gunpowder in the fulminants has decreased significantly, now this type of weapons are much safer for children and because of the smaller amount of ammunition, the sound of these toy replicas is not so noisy and hurtful.

In our category of toy guns you can find Armas Police Command, Shooting Gallery, Jeans, Pirate, Hunting , etc .

This fictitious weaponry is made in the form of toy replicas of real weapons. Among the different models we find plastic and metal weapons.

 Playing cops and shards becomes much more real when played with typical police weapons and accessories, gun replicas like 9mm or revolvers that mimic the colt and similar weapons. Also to complete, you can take wives and the unmistakable police badge.
 Prepare your game with assault weapons, the best AK-47 replicas and the most stylish assault rifles. They work with 8-shot bullets.
 An entertaining game to practice aiming. With the shooting gallery boxes the smallest can play Target Shooting. Ammunition and objects included in the lot.
 The revolver and the rifles of the jeans are the first weapons in which the toys were based to make their toys. Kids love to play Indians and cowboys or gunmen.
 The pirates used small pistols, as well as black swords and hooks.
Toy Hunting Weapons, Shotguns with cartridges, camouflage vests and more.

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